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Carlos Simpson

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Carlos Simpson's Gematria album cover


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(About the GEMATRIA album by Carlos Simpson)

Gematria is the tenth album by Carlos Simpson.

The album is a soul-stirring song that delves into the complex and ever-changing emotions we experience in life. Through heartfelt lyrics and a melody that weaves through these emotions, the song takes you on a journey of self-discovery and reflection.


1- Made To Make You Cry

2- Proud

3- Halloween

4- Agonal breathing

5- Anhedonia


7- Lagu

8- Incubation

9- Mitus

10- Awaken

11- Empty Space

12- Longest Song

13- Reciprocal

14- Smart World

15- The Equalizers

16- Aroma

In a world where "Sometimes you must put yourself first," "Gematria" explores the intricacies of human existence, highlighting moments of longing, introspection, and the need for personal space. It acknowledges the duality of our desires and the necessity of letting go when required.

The song's lyrics touch upon the universal theme of making mistakes and the resilience to move forward. It's a reminder that, at times, we need to close certain doors to open new opportunities, and it beautifully encapsulates the notion that sometimes, solitude is a space for self-discovery.

With its introspective lyrics and evocative melody, "Gematria" invites listeners to ponder life's most significant questions while embracing the delicate balance of vulnerability and strength.

When coming across "MATRIA" in the album context where it's used to mean "mother, belonging," it means to be a specialized or coined term within a certain group, organization, or field. In this case, the meanings of words, sounds, or symbols are context-dependent and might not be universally recognized.

The term "Matria." in this Carlos Simpson "Matria" is described as the feeling of motherhood and belonging to a community characterized by various shared aspects. These aspects include socio-cultural elements such as historical memory, unique traditions, and a common linguistic mode; territorial elements like similar climatological and topographical environments and tribal settlements; and economic factors, such as a shared commercial and services area. The artist emphasizes that there is an enormous connection with his previous album, "Ilegal Migrant".

The album emphasizes that the qualities defining this "Matria" can vary in intensity among different societies, similar to how autonomous communities may differ in their signs of identity. It suggests that unlike nationalist perspectives that advocate for a uniform history, culture, and language across a territory, the concept of "Matria" acknowledges that social cohesion often arises from the people and institutions centralized in a hegemonic core power.

Carlos Simpson mentioned in a previous interview that he also considers the idea that the sense of belonging within a "Matria" extends beyond physical and cultural aspects to encompass a deeper connection with the cosmos or a spiritual dimension. In this context, the shared historical memory, unique traditions, and linguistic mode could be seen as part of a broader cosmic narrative or spiritual understanding that transcends individual lifetimes.

He says that the territorial elements, including similar climatological and topographical environments, could be linked to a mystical connection with the natural world or the universe. The economic factors, such as a shared commercial and service area, might symbolize a cosmic exchange or interconnectedness among beings.

In essence, this "Matria" means not just a social or cultural concept but a mystical or spiritual concept that involves a profound connection with the cosmos, the afterlife, or metaphysical realms.