I know that one day I will be just fine

And I know that around me

There are wars and people fighting

And I know that there are people starving for food

I know that there is loneliness in the world

And I know that everything will be just fine

And I know that you own my secrets

And I know that if I could travel in time I would change everything

I know that sometimes we regret everything

I know that everything will be just fine

I know that everything is in my mind

And they are saying that nothing exists

In fact, everything is surreal

And I know that we should have faith

And I know that it's cold outside

And the rain is stronger than ever before

And I know that you live inside me and it's so difficult

Songwriters: Carlos Simpson


The song “Folded” by Carlos Simpson it's a melancholic and introspective song, which reflects on the hardships and challenges of life, as well as the hopes and dreams of the singer. The song uses the phrase “I know” repeatedly, which may indicate a sense of certainty, confidence, or acceptance, but also a contrast between what the singer knows and what he feels or wishes. The song also mentions topics such as war, hunger, loneliness, secrets, time travel, regret, faith, rain, and love, which may suggest a wide range of emotions and experiences that the singer has gone through or witnessed. The song ends with the line “And I know that you live inside me and it’s so difficult”, which may imply a struggle to cope with the loss or absence of a loved one.


Folded ISRC: UKXN21994318

Song by Carlos Simpson

Artist: Carlos Simpson

Released: 2022

Second released: 26/07/2003 - Album: Goodbye

Album: Goodbye