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These are some of the key elements of the song "Realm" 

- Future 

- Intuitive 

- Persistent 

- Loyal 

- Cheerful 

- Versatile 

- Sel-aware 

- Truthful 

- Disciplined 

- Happy 

- Optimistic 

- Genuine 

- Sensitive 

- Helpful 

- Courageous 

- Modest 

- Emotional

About this Song: 

This powerful song (Realm by Carlos Simpson) refers to the ego and alter-ego in which the search and the effort to find one's alter-ego will require finding one's other self. In the video, the baby is the true self and the man in the video represents the alter ego searching for the true self, which is in childhood and the family roots or background that are the pillars of the individual. A dialogue between the conscious and the unconscious in search of identity. - Memory - Past - Moment - Time - Belonging - Cultural.

Realm (meaning)

The term "realm" refers to a distinct and defined domain or sphere of activity, influence, knowledge, or experience. It is often used to describe a specific area or category that has its own characteristics, boundaries, and characteristics.

In a more literal sense, "realm" can refer to a kingdom, domain, or territory ruled by a monarch or governing authority. This usage is often associated with historical or fictional contexts where different realms represent different kingdoms or territories.

Metaphorically, "realm" is used to describe areas of expertise, interest, or influence. For example, someone might say, "The realm of science fiction literature" to refer to the specific domain of books and writing within the science fiction genre. Similarly, "the realm of politics" refers to the world of political activity and governance.

"Realm" refers to a defined and distinct domain, whether it's a physical territory, an area of knowledge, or a particular sphere of activity. It conveys the idea of a specific and recognizable category or domain with its own characteristics and boundaries.


Realm ISRC: TCAHD2345973