Promises and Surreal Dreams



Look at me in the eye my beautiful princess

Come with me life is too short

People say

Difficult and crazy things

I follow my shadow

Since I was a child

You Know I don't care

Follow me

Since that day I've been seeing

Angels around me

Telling me life is too short

I know

Do this and do that


We are people

We are nothing

We talk

We dream

We want

We make

We kill

We destroy

We make again

And We make again

And again, and again

Yeah, I was lonely once

Until I met you

And then you left

And I left wondering about you my tropical flower

You left me in silence and without words

Words about promises and surreal dreams

You look like someone I met before

Which made me sick and

I loved you like an angel

I was alone trapped in my own thoughts

Until I saw you

But in the end, I was always alone

I'm back to who I was before

I left and I left

Yeah, I was alone

Trapped in my own thoughts

Oh God until I saw you

But in the end, I was always alone


Now I'm free

Now I'm back to who I was before

Do you know?

Now I left and I left, and I wish you the best

Promises and surreal dreams

I know I was a fool

Stuck in my own thoughts like crazy

You left and now I left

Promises and Surreal Dreams

And life is too short

Life is definitely too short

Too short, short, short, short

We don't even have time to feel

To think because we think too much

Promises and Surreal Dreams

Dreaming and making

And making and dreaming

And dreaming and making

And making and dreaming

Dreaming and making things

I was in silence

With more promises and promises

And promises, and promises, and promises

And promises and surreal dreams

Dreaming and making and dreaming

And I left wondering

We spend our lives dreaming

And dreaming and dreaming

And dreaming about the future

Crying and crying and crying

And crying about the past

We spend our lives making and making things

We spend our lives destroying and making

Destroying and making things

Dreaming and making and making

Dreaming new things

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: © TM Carlos Simpson


Artist: Carlos Simpson

Released: 2020

Album: Love Is The Secret