Please do not forget

That hatred

Or evil, whatever you want to call it

Is intelligent

Is smart and is invisible

He doesn't have color

He doesn't have a race

He doesn't have a religion

He has no politics

He is an invisible snake

That while

And is planning to make his attack

He is thinking to himself

I'm going to divide my enemy

Into a smaller and less strong groups

And then I'm going to make them

Hate each other

And then I'm going to make them Hate each other

So that's easier to take them down


The world is not treating the human race

The same way

Some are more equal than others

They will tell you to save money

They want you to save money

So, they can lend out

More money ten times

If your dollar becomes ten times worthless ten times over

And then

They used to pay you ten percent interest on your money

Now is at best one percent

And they still earn about ten times

That's why you don't save money

Is because your money is becoming worthless

And less, and less, and less

The banks are getting richer

And richer and richer

Source: Musixmatch

Songwriters: Carlos Simpson

Songwriters: © TM Carlos Simpson

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